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We are developing a range of resources for Xero including 'teach yourself' resources which are suitable for anyone wanting to learn how to use Xero and unit based and short course resources for training organisations with access to the Xero Learn platform.


The following resources are now in our store as either a printed book or an eBook.


Teach Yourself Xero

Set Up and Operate Xero for Small Business

Process and Manage Payroll using Xero


Xero Short Courses

Xero for Beginners


Accredited Units

BSBFIA302 Process Payroll

FNSACC304 Conduct Business Activities using a Computerised Accounting System

FNSACC416 Set Up and Operate a Computerised Accounting System

FNSTPB401 Complete Business activity and Instalment Activity Tasks

FNSTPB402 Establish and Maintain Payroll Systems


FNSACC304 sample - click on this link to view a sample of the FNSACC304 resource


The following new titles will be added in the coming few months to round out the core units in FNS40217 Cert IV in Accounting and Bookkeeping and FNS30317 Cert III in Accounts Administration.





If you would like to be kept up to date with the Xero resources as we develop them or if you have a specific requirement please fill in the form below and we will keep you informed of where developments are at. 

You could be interested in resources just for your own use. You may have clients who need reference or training material to help them use Xero in their business. You might be a teacher looking for resources for units in Cert IV Accounting and Bookkeeping or general training material.